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  • Madonna is the queen. other artists have no chance. #1 most searched person on google. #1 superbowl #1 tours.... breaking records of rating everytime she goes on tv. crazinness everytime she goes to a different country. tikets sold out in secs.... aajajaja others arent nothing compared to her!!!!!
  • shut up.... no one will be the new queen. theres only one queen and king. madonna and mj....madonna sells out tours worldwide. everythhing she does breaks record... all of this artists are empty. arent worldwide stars... gaga is a flop, brit had her days and bey??? please shes nothing worldwide... MADONNA IS THE #1.... always. keeps competing with young generation. her shows are sold out full of ppl from young generation!!! everything she does breaks record... MADONNA IS THE QUEEN..... MOVE OVER DAH PEOPLE