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  • Just Saying...... Go to Madrid, people dress like that and worse, it's the same in Brazil, and Japan, and you can even see it in Russia and other countries like MADRID that find the human body to be a beautiful thing and where are very comfortable with showing what it is that they have. Miley is Comfortable with her body, and she looks good with what she has. So what if she wan't to flaunt it a little?
  • I think it's great that everyone is bashing her outfit when there are worse things - people YOUNGER than Miley's EIGHTEEN years that are wearing less clothes than she is in half of these photos - on the the streets in or non-celebrity lives evverywhere
  • Her hand is down too low to be the outfit me touching her "kitty". The outfit may be sheer but you can see her undies and it's above her her wrist, so if by "kitty" you mean her leg, then yes, she is touching her "kitty"
  • The old her was a person that she hated and was miserable with. Is that the kind of person that you really want to look up to? Someone who hates themselves?
  • She looks beautiful!! And this was NOT for a show of hers, she was performing for some other show in Germany. Everyone remember the Daniel Radcliffe scandal???? This is like that, but she has ALOT more clothes on
  • She always looks so angry in all of these pictures, but I love this picture, she looks great in her outfit and her makeup is perfect for the look
  • The vest is great and Just because she's not wearing a shirt under it doesn't mean that she's a skank, you see people do it everyday on the streets in the summer time. And if you look at her skirt, it's really not that short, and look even more carefully and - gasp- she's wearing shorts underneath!!! :0