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  • Bitch please I dont behave like an animal by throwing shit so i wouldn't be attracted to animal traps like you. You're going to be in my animal trap for supporting wild outlandish behavior then you'll get shot and become my new rug! Hahahahahahaaaaa so shut the fuck up "RUG"
  • Jerry you sound like a idiotic bitch who needs to get shot, gutted and become my rug!!! LMFAO (points and laughs)
  • If that dumb bitch would have thrown that shit on me I would have beat her ass. First of all fuck you PETA for thinking you can just be throwing shit on people who wears furs, so motherfucking what! Get a fucking life and worry about how you're going to pay your rent you stupid asses. I personally love fur and will never stop wearing it and if you punk ass bitches ever try to throw a tofu cake or flour on me, you would be shot dead like the animals you're trying to save.
  • I would have beat that bitch's ass for doing that shit. Fuck you PETA i love fur and will continue to wear fur!!!! If you bitches dare try to throw something at me in my fur vest you would be shot like the animals you're trying to protect you stupid ass fools.