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  • [quote=lilredspitfire99]well aint this a b***ch? miley u are such a stupid little girl.... this just sealed your fate kid....I WILL NOT be buying another product that has YOU involved with it.... and as of tomorrow? i'm heading to my sisters house to throw out every single hannah montana item that my 8 yr old niece owns..... YOU MORON!!!!!!! hopefully every other responisible parent follows in my footsteps, whether it was "fake" pot or "real" pot it DOES NOT MATTER!!!!! BETTER BEFRIEND LINDSEY LOHAN MILEY, SHE OBVIOUSLY IS YOUR ROLE MODEL!!!!!!![/quote] so when you as an aunt ia busy going through your nieces stuff and she asked you why are you throwing my Hanna stuff out and you are going to say What? oh because she smoked fake pot and she's a slut? wow as bad as hanna is a bad role model you are a good dictator in a communist country controlling what others can and cannot wear even if your not their parent.
  • [quote=Linda]Using illegal drugs, poll dancing, foul f word language is a normal part of an American teens life??? That does sound like trash and no class to me. I'm an american, lived here all my life, and can honestly say I agree with Eva, that most Americans, epecially those who are influenced by the media, are trash. Eva is just calling it as she sees it[/quote] who are you to tell me i am trash! your A hypocrite every one has done something wrong in their life even as small as lying which at times is illegal
  • to Eva if you think American is trashy go to your own country cuz we think your kind of people are very judgmental and all think the same way.
  • [quote=Eva]She's a typical American. Trash. No class. Let's enjoy the circus.[/quote] if you don't like Americans go home to your trashy people