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  • I saw the funniest comment ever 2 days ago from some guy in Wales, UK. He said: "Kristen is so beautiful - Kristen is so hot - I wish all women looked like Kristen - if I could just be with Kristen, I would leave my lazy wife in a heartbeat". I cracked up when I read this post. I could just imagine ladies' brains exploding in anger all over the English speaking world!
  • OMG!!! She is so totally HOT,HOT,HOT! I would give anything to have her hot, juicy body sitting on top of me with her delicious boobs in my mouth and my thumb tickling her clitoris while she can't stop having orgasms! She is a perfect woman for any REAL MAN! Certainly not one of these anorexic runway model types. My congratulations to ICE-T!
  • Kristen is the smartest, most gorgeous young actress around these days. She is not the usual actress who goes around with a fake smile plastered over her face. She has her own personal life to live and resents attempts to interfere with it as I think any reasonable person would! She really cares about doing acting as a profession because she loves doing it, not because she is out for just money and fame. She may be introverted, however, in the long run this quality is just going to help her acting ability.