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  • OMG !!!!! I love BTR because they love their fans & always interact with them on twitter .I absolutely love how hardworking they are & no matter what they always have a smile on their faces .Every time i listen to BTR i get chills all over my body because their voices are amazing .I'm a 20 year old mother of a 2 year old daughter & i'm proud to say we both are HUGE fans of Big Time Rush .We always watch the show together & sing / dance to their songs . WOW ,im still freaking out about this giveaway . Thank you so much for the chance & god bless . xoxo <3
  • I always carry lotion ,painkillers ,safey pins,Cosmetics,Pens,Cell phone/charger and most importantly an extra piece of clothing for fashion emergencies :) i wouldnt want to spill something on myself or ripp my clothes and end up looking funny .