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  • Why My mom deserves this room makeover? it would really mean the world to her to receive something like this from ya because even though she doesn't know much english she can understand some of what ya say and enjoys watching your show she truly loves ya. ... and truly because I believe My mom deserves it... she has struggle so much ever since she came to this country at age 19 she had to leave my older brother back in her hometown because he was to little to bring in her journey to the united states. imagine being throned into a country were you don't know, with people you have never seen and no way to communicate because you don't know the language she worked hard cleaning houses and ended up meeting a men that instead of helping her just abused her mentally and physically. then we were born and my so called dad stole us from her when me and my brother were just newborns... People say that dad's are super dads and everything and yes there might be people that are fortunate inuff to have someone like that to take care of them... but in our case we didn't have that luck. my mom had to go all the way to mexico were she didn't know anybody and risk her life to get us back... she worked hard and brought us back to the country we were born in and ever since has done everything in her power to lead us in the right pad and give us as much as she can to get a better education we might not live with the fanciest things or the nicest house but she has manage to put food on the table on her 400 dollars budget that she earns every two weeks..I believe that my mom is truly the best mother in the world because of everything she has sacrifice in order to take care of me and my 3 brothers... I wish I could do more for her but I know that ya have the power to at least give her a beautiful bedroom were she can relax and feel truly comfortable in.. I know that in the long run I will be able to do the same for her and tell her one day mom its Ok ... stop working mom I got It from here. and take care of her and give her as much as I can. some people might think that I am just making this story up so you can chose my mom but I can Tell you from the bottom of my heart that everything I said is true, I don't want people to feel sorry for us, but to admire mothers like my mom that sacrifice everything they have in order to give their children a better future... I Love ya so much and wish ya can bless my mom with a new bedroom.. Thank You for being such great role models I love ya Dolls.. :)