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  • My favorite award show is the Grammy's. I love this award show because it is more than just giving awards away to your favorite music artist.The grammy's unites every generation from MJ to Beyonce to Prince from Taylor Swift to Adele & Bruno Mars. It shows that you can come from all walks of life and over come any struggle in life by being able to share the love for music. The grammy's has captured the most memorable moments like the Beyonce & Tina Turner “Proud Mary” '08 performance, to MJ's 8 out of 12 nomination win in '84, to paying hommage to the beautiful & legendary Whitney Houston.The Grammy's has taught us all to support all genre's of music but most importantly it is the universal language that speaks to all, it gives people like me & you the abilty to relate to someone we've never met while being able to relate to that person through the mutal love for music. Music heals us in a way that could only be described in a song and with 54 years of celebrating music, the Grammy's only gets better each and every year. Just like millions of others i too tune in each year along with my family & friends to enjoy and celebrate music's most memorable & influential night!
  • Love 2 me is the force in the world that is unstoppable. Love is universal & is not judgemental, it knows no race,gender or age.Love denies no 1 but only comes 2 those that are willing 2 let their gaurd down & let love in.Love is undeniable but takes a truly passionate person 2 feel it & 2 recoginize it. we all mess up & we all make mistakes but if you pass your love out and extend that lending hand 2 those that deserve it,then love will always find its way back to you. No matter who you are or where you are !WE ALL WANT LOVE!
  • The key for someone being able to "TALK THAT TALK" is that you have to have that "BOLD go-getter confidence" in yourself and what you stand for.Each day you walk with your head held high despite what anyone has to say about you, you know who you are & no one could ever define you and you're very proud of that!, You represent and stand for INDIVIDUALITY & UNIQUNIQUENESS & no one could ever take that from you. You know who you are and where you've been & more importantly you know where you're headed... as you take each step forward you never look back to apologize for the road you have taken... to discovering your journey! So when "Talking That Talk", you should never have to open your mouth to define it because words could never be a strong as showing your actions!!! #ProudRihannaNavySupporter