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  • i think they both look extremely hot !
  • oh i love all those actors ! i'm sure the movie's gonna be great :D
  • I love the song, you really do have a talent and obviously passion for twilight ;D
  • Well first I'd say that I think it's not possible to have the biggest twilight fan - because I think there's a line you need to cross to be a big fan but you can't be any better at it than the others. Well I do feel I've crossed this line. It may not see as a fancy fan products or my constant chatter about twilight but I do feel as I'm living it. I felt so identified with Bella that I just couldn't believe it. Every thought was like my own and someone like Edward would definitely be one of my dreams. I do feel that twilight is a big part of what I want to do and where I'm headed now, since I can feel there's really something beyond the standard. Maybe in books or movies but does that really matter ? If I can feel this happy by just reading a book or watching a movie I think there's no point on going on just ordinary and life without twilight dreams or thoughts. I mean who needs a boring standard life anyway ?