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  • I'm not insulting Jackie, just drawing the comparison with her control over depictions of her family. The illusion of a happy family was crucial, as she was being cheated on constantly. Her sense of style was nice. Michelle's is not. The Kennedy children were sheltered. The Obama children are being raised by Marxists.
  • Good role models? They aren't allowed to speak on their own, go to an exclusive school their Papa banned DC Scholarship students from, get anything they want, were baptized by a radical Pastor, were babysat by Bill Ayers and wife, wear embarrassingly inappropriate clothing, and are being raised by Marxists. How, exactly, should we want our daughters to emulate anything they do/are/think?
  • They are much like Jackie Kennedy. She held a tight rein on the press coverage of her children, and would not allow anyone to photograph her smoking. Her image was of the utmost importance. No one was allowed to publish her husband's affairs, either. It's good to be the king. As for the video, I can't get over the gushing comments about the biggest fashion failure (Jason Woo's Tissue Explosion dress) ever.