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  • I have no right to say that other's don't get the chance as I get, but what is true is that Kate seems genuine, and down to earth and that's what people need I believe, someone that can open people's heart and listen to them and do the right thing. I do not know much about her to be honest, I am from the Netherlands but that doesn't mean I do not want to know as much as a British citizenship ! I am a foreigner in Britain, and I love to know more about her and this could be the right book to inspire and be fully up to date ! Her smile is sweet,friendly and welcoming ! I just want to completely be informed what's going in and out this great country ! Wish everyone luck. My own country ex queen now, was a excellent example towards my country but I did watched the Royal wedding, and I just loved how that was put into place. It was lovely, a wedding that everyone could dream for.