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  • i must say kim u look rather stunning in that lovely blue dress, it fits perfectly with your skin tone, u look very sexy, i like the, new and improoved look, this look imforms us on why they concider your family, "keeping up with the kardarians"
  • mj i know what happened to u i watched ur interviews, photo's any many more, and i realized that they killed u beacause they new that if u did this tour u will become more than what they concidered u to be today, it was all because of jelousy and they were afraid that u will inventually find out what they did and said about u behind ur back so they decided to get rid of u as quickly as possible, 'they druged u to death', sence u are with the angels," may be now they will leave u be". and this go's out to all who have criticized someone before knowing them, i just want to let u know that mj say's leave them alone and take a deep look inside of u,that beautiful rose that u see glowing inside is what u fear to show that person that's broken down now like u were before. "the once who love u dearly are the once who kill u dearly". by:marvaline harmon ................they killed u like they did jesus.................the CrusificNation of ------MJACKSON
  • i must say u look very stunning in that beautiful gown, it really brings u out