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  • i dont know i think he likes her i mean look at the way he looks at her :) theyd be cute together :)
  • wow :O she rly is tall :O look kinda cute toghether though :)
  • My Glee Crush would have to be Sam. One I am a sucker for blondes...and two his story is great. I am also the oldest of a big family and have dealt with the downturn of the economy first hand in a very similar situation. I love how no matter what life throws his way he knows what is important in life and is there for his family, much like myself!!!
  • I would have to bring my 10 year old sister. She is the biggest gleek! I have been away at college and she has been stuck at home with our 3 brothers and if I could spend this much needed time with her listening to our favorite music it would be amazing. We would have a ritual phone call every Tuesday after the show to discuss what we thought...and she always had an opinion!! We would love to see Amber and Naya's performance of "River Deep, Mountain High!" It's my sister's favorite song and to be able to see her face when she hears her idols singing it would be the greatest thing in the world! Thanks!!!