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  • OMG!!!!! That looks awesome!!!! Please pick me!!!!
  • Drake Bell is right end of story. Some of these stars including justin bieber and lady gaga don't appreciate what they have. Ariana on the other hand actually has talent and that's why she got a record deal soo fast but she didn't work hard to get that amount of money. Drake is the only celeb who has guts to come and call people by their names, others celebs are too scared because they worry about their fame and money. They say "oh I love my fans" and "I owe it all to my fans" but deep inside they don't give a flying shit about their fans and we all know that. We've all been in a situation where when you get what you want you just automatically start saying I love you to the person that gave it to you. That's exactly how it is in Hollywood. Celebs say what you want them to hear, but underneath all they care about is fame and money, but we can't blame them, their humans and humans only think about themselves (selfish). So don't pick on drake,Paul Morris.