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  • this care is so hot and sexy like the owners themselves
  • nice try but after getting engaged and married to cheater nanny greasy brad pitty she has gone out with only vince and john mayer and now forever justin justifer couple are so so hot, very happy for them
  • you guys should check out justin october issue of GQ pictures, they are about 6 or 7, he is so fine indeed we love you jen and justin. justifer + justjen
  • brad has lost his looks, he looks like a homeless guy right now. it so sad how self centered he was and how he allowed his weakness to push him to the wall and now he deserve what he is going through. angie wears the pant in their relationship and controls him like a small boy, that what he wanted and he got it, good for you brad. that karma for him, next time he wouldnt cheat on his wife again with a hoe deep down i believe he still loves jen and thinks of her sometimes becos there is no reason as to why after 7yrs good years he brought up his marriage to jen, he indeed disrespected her and jen didnt let that got to her bcos he has someone better than brad and having fun together now who came out better in this separation, it jen of course. look at her right now. beautiful, sexy and her career is blossoming and with a great guy who is head over heels in love with her and treats her right
  • brad has been missing a sensitivity chip since 2005 till now, he is a fool, disrespectful to all women in the world, his ass deserve to be whooped, he is a disgrace to all mothers, he does his fake humanitarian work but doesnt know how to treat other human beings, that is such a shame, on the other hand justin theroux is one fine hot ass guy, sexy, hot, brainy, humble, sweet, good personality like jen and has humor. he is just perfect for jen i hope at least they get engage even if they wont marriage and have little jen or justin around the house, at least one will do.