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  • Is her boobs caught in a net? Once a dork, always a dork.
  • I can't believe he makes that poor old man work for him. He should just buy him an island in the keys or something nice like that so he can die on his back instead of his feet :( :( :( TACKY.
  • [quote=Rachel]The Little Girl Is Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen[/quote] It's Ashley. I was a lot thinner.
  • she is a total addict now. i saw her blowing rails of rock sugar off the toilet at a couple weeks ago at this crappy diner in Soho.
  • ew, her doggy bag is fake. the logo isn't supposed to be upside down on the Sac Chien... and the handles are orangish. gross knockoffs are for the poor. i knew she was the poor i knew it!!!
  • [quote=Megan Grey]That is terrible! I was hoping to just view a tribute of Daisy and the end photos are in very poor taste. As an animal lover and "mom" of a dog, I would be as heartbroken as Jessica. This gallery is just appaling![/quote] Ew, how did you become the "mom" of a dog. Did you hook up with a jackal like in that Omen movie? you better check behind your "baby's" head for three sixes. All things aside, I think that coyote needs to give her dog back.
  • [quote=Tawnie Born]Flashing and Physical Abuse aren't on quite the same level. But thanks for playing![/quote] so many laxatives sooooo little time :( :( :(
  • p.s. hey yall im skinny again
  • [quote=noah] Ha, you were cool with all the rest -- no education, drinking, smoking, & unprotected vampire sex -- but you weren't cool with the puppy murdering?! Go figure. No, true story: When Kristen Stewart was 12 years old she was picked up by the LAPD for animal cruelty after setting fire to a neighbor's puppy. She spent 2 weeks in Juvenile Detention (where she obviously picked up her nasty smoking habit) and was ordered to see a child therapist to treat her puppy-hating disorder until she was 18 years old.[/quote] I was the one who called the police. she killed my sister's puppy FooFoo... well she didn't kill it, but we put it to sleep after b/c it was too ugly to live.
  • [quote=noah]He better be careful not to lose his wedding ring up there.[/quote] it's sticky fur sure