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  • Celebuzz please stop with this, there is no such thing and Emilie had TEMPORARILY seperated from her hubby BEFORE she even MET Rob, Christina Ricci have JUST signed onto the Bel Ami project and again NOTHING to do with Rob..stop creating a story where there IS none! For crying out loud these ppl are ACTORS doing their job, it doesn't mean they are shagging everyone they have love scenes with! Sheesh!
  • This is seriously grasping for stories Celebuzz..really, start getting ALL the facts straight instead of jumping to ridiculous conclusions. EDR and her hubby apparantly reconciled and their seperation had NOTHING to do with Rob, and I am sure Uma and her ex fiancè has their own issues and they haven't even begun filming Bel Ami yet! Get the FACTS but then again it isn't as much fun as creating ridiculous rumors isn't it?
  • Why is this article still up Celebuzz? It has been debunked! Allie Is Wired even DELETED the article, remove this crap please.
  • LMAO Allie Is Wired removed the article, I guess she isn't so wired after all..can you say BUSTED? LOL
  • GossipCop was on the case already: Allie Is Wired really need to quit the gossip biz and Celebuzz need to start checking their sources: BIG FAT LIE lmao
  • Allie Is Wired have been exposed by as flat out wrong before, Celebuzz seriously check your sources before you run with an article. Stop jumping on EVERY SINGLE rumor about Rob you find out there for crying out loud. Although I gotta give you credit for being amusing this time. AND if this is one that would be true hey go for it Rob, good luck :-). Still with the trackrecord the "source" here has with I'd call a big fat BULLCRAP on this one!
  • LMAO yep popsugar's "proved" ....nothing lol. And used any gossip site's standard BS cover up "allegedly" yep this is def. "proof" of Robsten..LMAO!!
  • Um Rob talking to UK OK mag? this is an OLD article! What is this with rehashing old stuff lately??
  • OK can't the media see a joke? Firstly there IS no such scene that Jamie described in New Moon (not that I can remember anyways!). I guess those media types who jumped on this comment have NOT read New Moon...
  • Er no Rob does NOT look like a lady and what is this idea that he only appeals to little girls? When he actually appeals to women even OLDER than him. Rob is VERY good looking but he'd be an ugly woman sorry. Nope not much feminine about his look. When he was very YOUNG I could agree with NIkki's comment (which I doubt she even said considering the source, People mag is NO longer the reliable source it used to be!) that he looked feminine, then he grew up. Nope he is not feminine