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  • I totally agree Barbara! Ashton, whether a celebrity or not is still human, therefore he has human flaws and faults. People got so mad at him for saying what he said, but people go around saying stuff without hearing the full story all the time, no matter what the story is; I know this first hand and have been on the other side of the comments. At least he was man enough to apologize. I applaud Ashton for his sincerity.
  • hot bod lol. kind of looks like his face was Photoshoped on to his body. Body is aging faster then his "8pd head" lol
  • Given the intimacy of the fabric and deep colour this would be perfect for a date night or a relaxed night out with the girls. The colour & fabric sets the mood for a date and the casual yet classy look of the overall look is great for a GNO! Fabulous wrap perfect for the fall :)