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  • sorry, i actually think she looks ridiculous. If you have bangin' hips like those, you have to fill them out or you look nuts! she needs more ass and thighs to make that look good.
  • So many of you people just want to bitch. If it's not, "eeeeew! her boobs are fake!" it's, "eeeeew! she has no boobs!" well answer me this, geniuses, what is a small boob person supposed to do? oh i know, they are just losers for choosing to be born that way, right? judgmental asses.
  • fat. fat ass? are you into grasshoppers then? or just gay as hell?
  • Actually, I like my own body very much. In my experience, though, I am able to see her through a normal man's eyes, objectively. I think any guy would do her, and if they deny it, they are liars. I personally, would not, as I am not a guy. I would not like it if I were as thick as she, because we are our own worst critic, and I'd hate my thighs.