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  • Quite frankly, her father is white trash- oh, no, according to Aviva he is hilarious for sticking his hot poker into people‚Äôs butts at parties and lewd comments. And how dare vacationing girls be in the house pool in St Barts when Aviva arrives instead of standing at the door waiting to greet her! ...And who needs the FERRY to St. Barts when you can take a small plane that you fear- those sunglasses will surely help!!
  • Notice when she named Vassar but didn't name her second-tier law-school (it is ranked 56th). What? Couldn't get into a top tiered law school? Stop bragging.
  • She really needs help to examine why she has so much suppressed rage, and need not look far. She calls her father's vile, disrespectful, rude, sexual harassing behavior toward women as "hilarious" and laughs it off, yet she misjudges other people constantly and expresses anger irrationally. She incomprehensibly previously backed up Ramona against Heather when Ramona was wrong, and demanded heather offer multiple apologies when she already had, yet she herself wouldn't apologize or let it go. She demands attention and constantly brings up all her anxieties, even as she says she doesn't want to talk about them- if she truly fears small planes she could easily have either taken a FERRY to St. Barts that go 3 times a day or stayed home. Last episode she incomprehensibly backed up Ramona when she was wrong against heather who was right- she neds help!