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  • Niley is 100% better. I hope this ends soon and he goes back to Miley, she still loves him and they're sooo much better, honestly I think maybe he might still have feelings for her too but maybe he has people in his ear telling him she's bad for his image so one day when they're older he will be free to be with her again.I don't know but so far the things I predicted about them have been true.
  • yeah that's really unfair first , her mom and older sister were right there with her the whole evening second how can you even mention the condoms thing because some company was interested in having her as their spokesperson that has nothing nothing to do with her because she didn't do it and wasn't interested in it. Really people need to stop trying to give her a hard time and twisting everything around into a negative.
  • Go Karen! I don't like Selena she's a wannabe and a fake and her and Nick do not look good together. Team Miley.