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  • I'm having a hard time posting my picture... :(
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  • [img]'s pictures 024-2-340_255.jpg[/img] Hello Kim, My name is Melissa and my fiance's name is Dony. We met in the Spring of 2004 through my best friend Veronica who worked with him at the time. She set us up on a blind date and fell in love instantly. We became parents to a beautiful little girl who we named Krista, she is now two years old. Dony and I really wanted to get married next Spring, but we don't have the money to do so. I was so excited to read that you were giving such an amazing gift... My grandma told me that Dony is a keeper, and coming from someone who was married to my grandfather for 50 years, i think i should take her advice... It would be the biggest dream come true for both Dony and I to win this amazing gift. We are both huge fan of yours... Kim I love Dony with all of my heart and want to grow old with him... Will you help make my dream come true??? Sincerely, Melissa