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  • Let her be PREGNANT already….What makes this so sad is I can relate to all these mean comments people are saying. Has anyone considered she wants a healthy baby and doesnt care at what may happen to her body . I myself since a teenager struggled with my weight issues. When I was eighteen years old i had my first child at that time in my life i was holding a steady (averagefor me) at 140 -150 lbs at 5’ the end of my pregnacy i weighed in at 218lbs. Then less than a year later my son came along an 3 more to follow all pregnacies weighing in between 190 and 220.Lets put it this way I had 5 kids in 7 years, I thought I was dooooomed damage done . After number 5 I went to the gym to try and make some of it disapppear and asked what my goal weight would be I said 115lbs. He made a big deal about how I was 185 pounds after my5th child hitting that goal would probably not happen for me, I was crushed. I took determination and will, I went back to work and worked out at home.Not even 1 YEAR later I had hit my GOAL. YUP I am a proud 33 year old mom of 5 beautiful (ages15-8)kids weighing in at 112!Size 3 kept it off for 7 years now and loving it BOOya baby. I did it all on my own no diet plans or meals just grabbed a hold myself and DID IT! JESSICA looks beautiful and people saying awful thingslike that about her is wrong. Would people be more happier with her looking sick and frail (like someother prego actresses lol) all the time. She will bounce back to her selfsoon enough… let her enjoy her pregnacy and eat whatever she wants (isnt that some of the fun being pregnant?) she doesnt seem too worried so y is everyone else?? Not to be full of myself but i think I did a dam good job . After 5 kids I am one good looking mommy lol< so if mylittle body could Take it and hit goal weight after all that…. she will be a looking likeher self soon enough . Its awesome shes at not letting this get to her. She has put her childs needs in front of her own and that is what will make a wonderful caring MOTHER