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  • wow joaquin well good luck to him. :)
  • [quote=noah]If you plastered this photo on a bottle of feces you could sell it as pure spring water and people would be so busy looking at her they wouldn’t notice the difference.[/quote] wtf?????? ok i dont really like her. she cant act, she cant sing, she is like just a freeloader.
  • [quote=Emilie Zahanakanaka]Nope Rihanna is lying Chris never did that. I was the girl who sent him the text, we were very close friends before he became famous, but now we just have to deal with sending texts occasionally. He is not an abuser![/quote] really????? yea i dont think so..
  • personally i think he is a dumb ass. i used to like him but now i think he is a low life woman beater. LAME!!!!
  • [quote=noah]To Chris Brown's defense, she did throw his keys out the window. If my girlfriend ever did that to me I'd take away her eye contact privileges.[/quote] so ok let me get this strait...if ur girlfriend threw your keys out the window, you would ASSUALT HER????wow that shows ur a sad sad man.