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  • Reading comprehension skills need to be further stressed in our schools.
  • "you bore me. " --- Obviously Im not that boring if you keep coming back to continue this discussion with me. "your just blabbing on and trying to turn this on me" --Turn this on you? How? All I did was quote you dear. "and trying to say that you never said any of this stuff but babes, you indeed said all that trash." --- Read dear. If you physically scroll up the page under beatles comment, she said that she she called the paps. I didnt. "you said her flame was put out so clearly yourt rying to say that no one cares about her anymore" --- When I said that her flame was put out, I was saying that shes not as big a star anymore. She's no longer in the spotlight. Did you mss that part when I said "once youve been a celebrity you will always have some sort of fans, whether it be a million or 15"? If I was saying no one cared about her, I wouldnt have said shed always have fans. Thats contradictory. @Carlee Trying not to look like the bad guy? What have I said to be the "bad guy"? And saying that Im trying not to loook like the bad guy would imply that Im retracting what I previously said, which I've never done. Scroll back up, and read.
  • 1. I never said she called the paps, that beatles person did. 2. I dont know why my opinion about Aubrey O'Days outfit "concerns you. I'll never know" "Why do people still fangirl over her and paps still want to get photos of her? answer that for me ok mate" --- Once youve been a celebrity youll always have some sort of fans, whether it be a million or 15. I never denied she had fans, I just see that requests for Aubrey O'Day are far and few in between. Second, most paparazzi rely on these pictures for a paycheck. They will take pictures of just about any celebrity. Im almost 100% sure that if Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele or anyone else more relevant walked by at that very moment, the paps would forget Aubrey was even standing there. I never denied she was good looking, and I liked her in Danity Kane. In my opinion, she had more star quality and staying power than any of the other girls.
  • In my opinion, Demi Moore looks so frail in this photo. It almost looks like shes holding on to rumor for support. She looked a LOT better before and during her relationship, than she does now.
  • She looks lovely as a blonde.
  • That bathing suit looks awesome on her!
  • Sandra Bullock has great legs!
  • In my opinion, Katie Holmes beauty is WAY overrated. Shes not an ugly girl at all, but without the makeup and the glam her looks would blend into a crowd.
  • Is it just me or does he look like a wax figure?
  • Hotshot? Please pump your breaks dear. Most celebrities either keep walking and ignore the paps or try to get away from the paps, while shes clearly hamming it up for them. And lets not forget this is coming from a star whose flame was put out quite some time ago. These looks like an attempt to stay relevant. Like I said, if she was on her way to the pool or the beach, then lovely, but for a casual stroll down the street, its over-the-top.