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  • "...amid the few truly glorious pop moments." - You are mistakingly judging this as a Pop album instead of a Pop/Hip-hop mashup. It's actually hard for me to get my head around since I don't listen to hip-hop, so I defer to the judgement of regular hip-hop listeners. Thery are generally loving it, aside from some who are questioning Miley's Hip-hop bonafides. Regardless, I stan for Miley.
  • Fellow Hannah Montana fans can have a good time by typing "Youtube Hannah Montana 3" into your search engine for a full length Hannah Montana 3 concert. It's really fun, featuring great singing and outfits, and a classic performance of Miley having a great time. It has 8 songs which I bought on iTunes just in case Disney ever decides to yank the video off Youtube.
  • @Chris, I also am glad to read your knowledgeable and supportive-of-Miley posts. Though I have to companionably disagree about whether this is a good project for Miley. Many people who doubt Miley's longevity in show business will be convinced if she is part of a movie series. It's a little selfish of me, but I am tired of their doubt, and Wake, along with Wings, means I won't have to hear about that issue anymore. And in the movie biz, longevity equals respect.
  • I want to thank Miley for giving me another opportunity to help make a movie of hers a hit. So the haters can suck it, because this movie will be great!
  • Reminds me of Katy Perry's California Girls song.
  • I hope Miley continues to be a good role model for Kelly.
  • Miley is a good role model.. She is a good example of someone with a good heart. People who are jealous of her are not.
  • I didn't realize that Mila was an expert on weed. But I guess she thinks she is. I suppose you can't be in a show that depicts teenagers smoking weed without trying it out yourself.
  • Dear Miley, don't let the haters get you down, love, a big fan.