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  • [quote=Valisa]Good luck to you both. I have a friend who is 54 years old, she is still a hot old woman(full of energy). She have been married to her husband for 30years now, and she married him only after knowing him 3months. It can work. Keep God first, and everything else will fall in place. There will be hard times, but always remember the good times during those times(lol).God Bless with love,Valisa[/quote] SHE WAS 30, AND STABLE, AND DIDN'T GET DRUNK A LOT, , AND WAS N OT A CELEBRITY, AND DIDN'T CUSS A LOT
  • [quote=zanessafederer]And yet her album has gone platinum.. and btw she doesn't lip sync.. shes actually one of the few young stars nowadays that sings live. I don't condone her pictures and I don't think she dresses appropriately but I certainly think her "pole dance" was blown out of proportion.. she held onto a pole for about 30 seconds..wow..big deal.. Taylor momsen (who is a year younger than her) doesn't even wear pants sometimes and her lyrics contain a lot of cursing. I mean, miley is definitely not as bad as her.. I don't particularly like Miley btw, I just think she gets treated unfairly sometimes when other girls who are YOUNGER than her are doing worse and aren't being called a slut or a hooker[/quote] well she sounds terrible live
  • she is obvously doing it to prove to us, that she is not a tranny
  • nia is right though, he has got over his head, hes hot and he knows it, and has taken it too far, hes milking his fame, in the twilight premiere, he kept on putting his fingers through his hair, and it got stuck in his gel, it was so funny, i laughed at him the whole day, hes turning obnoxious, ive seen the way he acts and talks before,
  • but kate has the gun this time, and she didn't f*ck the therapist, it was the bodyguard
  • thats like asking me if I feel sorry, foor eating that delicious 100 dollar beef burger I had for lunch in New York, at that Walstreet place,
  • don't u have to be 13, to be on this site?