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  • [quote=aiishaah]WTF! Jackson should be last and Rob should get the 4th place. Rob's body looks better than him![/quote] agreed! robs body is better.. he is fitter then jackson!
  • rob is gorgeous!! omg.. and kristen is so loveLy!
  • why is rob ranked as number 10. whiLe he has a better body than jackson rathbone!! welL.. actualLy.. i dont like a body that has too much muscles. you know like taylor.. yeah he fit./. but i like robs body in some ways.. it looks more okay.. it makes him hotter.. love ur accent rob!.
  • [quote=twila]once again they are wearing the "official uniform" that gives them up in a crowd......the baseball hat, black jacket, black hoodie and jeans. with all their millions they can't afford something else to wear?[/quote] i believed that they were just really humble that they've always wear clothes like that..
  • love both of 'em!! im totally happy that they were both happy.. am gLad that they've ignored those freaking paparazzi and just sit back giggling with each other .. they're really together.. good for them .. i know they really enjoy both companies.. im hoping they would last forever.. i hope they wont changed because of the fame that brought them to the reaL world of showbusiness.. i hope they aint going to break up again! and i hope that they've always find some times going out with each other because i know they were both busy.. love yah! robsten
  • yeah.. loose your beard Rob.. it lessen your gorgeousness. i know right.. they looked really happy.. they're so sweet .. hoLding hands with each other.. they should admit that they're really together offscreen! but maybe they've their own reasons why they keep shutting their mouths about the issues about them.. well the pictures tell so.. actually rob admit they they were really together and they were engaged its just kristen that wont admit and keep shutting her mouth about their relationship.. love both of them.. hope they aint going to broke up again.. coz imma get sad..
  • yeah leave them alone. they do need some privacy.. is that a real house or just fake and edited it on computer?
  • Lets all admit they both of them are lucky.. watta cute couple.. love them both.. robsten forever..
  • definitely.. they both fit for each other.. they are both lucky.. love them much :)