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  • i love gabbie the way ppl treat her isnt fair at all
  • [quote=sydsouth]* I love anything Taylor Lautner...I heard obsesses loves him too!!!* LOL=}[/quote] what is with u. im rlly gettin tired of u. u always go 2 Rob Pattz stuff and diss. just stop it. if u dont like him then fine u dont hav 2 diss him. we all no that u loooooove taylor lautner so stick 2 him. u dont c me going 2 taylor lautner's stuff and dissing him. so back off im tired of u haters.
  • [quote=sydsouth]* She sucks as Rosalie....yup..she does!!!...oh and I have a life..but guess what,, Twilight is a part of everybody's life right now..isn't it?...YES..IT..IS!!*[/quote] what is up with u! do u no how annoting u r. the only thing when u ever hav something nice 2 say is when ur commenting on Jacob. y dont u just STFU b/c i bet she looks way better than u!
  • [quote=shirly]sexiest guy on this planet[/quote] totally agree!
  • [quote=carmen]let me say just one thing. The books are so much better. And no Robert Pattinson isn't hot. So don't go to the movie.[/quote] who the hell do u think u r telling ppl what 2 do? and yes rob is. shut the f*ck up rlly. i'm tired of twilight haters.