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  • it doesnt matter if she had small boobs its still wrong to criticize a girl for her boobs size! samll boobs, medium, even big boobs it doesnt matter, all women are beautiful. so dont go there with the whole "defensive much" cause even a big chested girl will get defensive if someone says something negative about small boobs, boobs in general actually.
  • i would hate to be your daughter, and an attitude like yours will or would make her be rebellious. i mean really its a dress. not a bra and panties. and the girls who watched Hannah Montana back in the day when it was popular are probably older and like her style. i was a hannah montana fan, im 17 and i still support her, she isnt a slut or another Brittany she is just being a person who is trying to find who she is. and her dad is wanting her to be his little girl, that is why she is being this way, i know its not what you fans want but really....if you really are her fans you would love her anyway she is. and accept her changing into a women, and stay by her supporting her as she grows more through her years. Stop freaking and just start supporting. its better to like than to hate......just saying.
  • i have seen many comments of yours. and i know this was like a year ago but still, i dont like it. Kristen isnt a lesbian. and your what 41 now? you were like 40 when you made these comments? really a 40 year old women is gonna say such shit? im not being an obsessed fan im just really irritated that a women of your age acted like this, you dont even know Kristen so stop bullying her. i think this is why celebs turn to drugs and drinking cause of people like you bashing on them for shit. so please just get a life? maybe mature more even though your 41 now. maybe even 42. idk. just stop with the bullying. it isnt cool. Whats sad is im 17 and i know when not to bash people. thats very sad.