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  • I really like taylor. I mean he is smart, cute, and has a great personality. I would so love to meet him one day, have lunch, and discuss music, literature, art, sports, and what ever else he wants to talk about. If he is in real life what I think he's like, then he is really cool and down to Earth. Go team Taylor!!!
  • OMG.if u don't stop trying to make crap out of stuff that isn't true, then there is going to be a serious problem. Why do you make a living by lying about people's lives?!?!?! Give them a break. Let them be normal for once. Let them walk outside with out being stalked.
  • Hey Taylor. I just wanted to say that yeah, you are really hot, and amazingly cute and everything, but I bet that you have a great personality to match. I have been a big fan of your's since I've seen you star in Sharkboy and Lava Girl on Disney Channel, and seeing you do Martial Arts at ISKA in 2003. (You were and are really good by the way.) But if you are ever in Louisville, Kentucky, I would really love to meet you in person, and so would all of my other friends. Well, bye!!! - Miracle (Yes my name is really Miracle as in "It's a Miracle!"...LOL.) Bye!
  • OMG Alex...Just because Taylor looks better ad has better abs than u doesn't mean u have to be mean to the guy. Even if Taylor is unbelieveably Hotttt!!! Just chill.
  • Kele to the freakig hot Lutz baby!!OMG.DUHHH.he is soooooooo hoooottt!!!!!!!!
  • yall have nothing better to do than talk about a normal guy who ACCIDENTALLY showed his chest...LIKE EVERYOTHER NORMAL GUY. r yall desperate to trash him or something?
  • [quote=Ann] have no idea what you are talkng about. Rob is fantastic to his fans and is always smiling. He is also extremely talented and picks very diverse roles. I guess you have only seen him in Twilight- b/c your comment shows you are clueless. Taylor's acting is not very good, but he will make for a good action star. He's 17- has a lot of learning to do- but please do not compare the two, b/c frankly there is no comparison! Doing back flips and flashing your abs can only get you so far for so long![/quote] Ann.... W. O. W.=( Umm, just smiling at ur fans will get u no where!!! He has personal hygene probs which means he has NO respect FOR HIMSELF. So what makes u think that he is gonna be the least interested in his fans. I have nothing personal against him, but Brad Pitt can smile at his fans too, just to sell a movie like Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Does that mean he is sweet and caring? What fantastic thing has Rob done to his fans - besides giving them hugs on the Tyra Show? I mean, come on!!! Taylor, yeah he's 17, but that means he'll have a lot of time to become better in acting, if thats what u think he needs.Rob, I think he needs singing lessons. I mean yeah, abs can only get u so far, but those abs prove that Taylor did everything he could to get the part of Jacob in New Moon. What has Rob gone to the extreme for - just to get a role? And whats up with the "I love Kristen", "I proposed to her, to show my undying love", " It's over between us, because we don't have the same interests and ideas about life". I could continue that last air quote with - It's over... because we don't share the same interets... because she is ALL for washing herself and her clothes, and I AM NOT FOR THAT! - I mean Rob would show that he has self respect by taking care of himself personally. If he can't do that, what makes America think that he has respect for ALL of his fans, which u are, I assume?I mean, don't get on Taylors butt because he has abs. Them abs are for Jacob. Rob, last time I checked, didn't go out of his way to get ANY ROLE.....
  • [quote=Larice]Taytay is the blandest young actor out there, he has no personality, he is a media trained puppy. Now Rob has personality, individuality, he can sing, play the piano and guitar, he is multi talented, is well read, articulate, witty, ironic. Taytay is the new Steven Seagal.[/quote] Rob cant SING. I've heard his song called Sign Me and it was like 5 minutes of just him playing the guitar. And not very well I might add. He can't sing, and the only reason that people think he can is because either 1.) they're TONE DEAF!!!! OR 2.) He's famous and they just want to be with him because of that sole purpose. You take ur pick. I've heard people who have had colds proform better than Rob has. Heck, I've heard singers who could barely talk, and they gave a better proformance than him. Taylor on the other hand can do Martial arts. I mean IDK if he can sing, but why does he need to. Rob also has hygene issues. I mean he even said that he washes his hair once a month or something. Everyone in Twilight even commented on his lack of hygene.A lack of hygene shows a lack of respect for himself. And Taylor did everything he could to get the role of Jacob in New Moon. That shows that he is willing to do what needs to be done in order to get what he wants.
  • OMG.I am a Taylor Fan since like Sharkboy and Lavagirl, AND Cheaper by the dozen 2. I am really hoping 4 a shower/locker scene with Taylor. He is an AMAZING actor as well as Martial Arts student.OMG> Let the shirt come off Taylor!!!!!LOL =)