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  • This is a joke! He is a two timing SOB! Now his team is paying to try to keep this humiliation out of the press and calm the fans after his fiasco with this slut! Kristen should kick him to the curb and go on to better things. She has guys waiting for her to dump Rob. I loved Rob and always have them as a couple but his true colors are coming out. He is no good for her and does not give a shit about her. He has a relationship with this slut who just wants publicity and is going to lead him into a lot of trouble. He has a drinking problem and he is going to ruin his career. I having been hearing that he is a joke in Hollywood.
  • She was only seventeen for goodness sake how can she consider getting married to Michael. She was a kid and when she saw Rob she flirted that's what teenagers do. Don't crucify her for that! I would have done the same and so would you! Oder women do worse and they don't slam them like Angelina that broke up a marriage.