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  • And the fact tht people are just lined up staring at them smh
  • [quote=Amanda]Screw Robert, screw Kellan, screw the wolf boys, and hell, even screw Taylor, because I love Jackson the most. There is just seems to be so much more to him than the abs and the hotness. :D[/quote] I am right with u man i have seen thel ight and it has nice hair
  • [quote=sydsouth]* Bahahaha, the Jonas Brothers do suck....look at the poster in the bottom right hand corner!*XD[/quote] i know right i saw Taylor's that new ish lol
  • Come on Tay tay SMILE!
  • how much u wanna bet this is for her newest song sigh...
  • [quote=sarah] Oh, he's going for the gross Justin Bieber look...[/quote] lol totally
  • [quote=Anon]Her husband's name is Hannibal? Whoa...lol. Anyways, yes, she looks great and happy.[/quote] exactly what i was thinking!
  • [quote=noah]Wow. That is one of the most unfortunate looking people I've seen in a long time. Puberty did not treat her well.[/quote] lmao noah haha
  • [quote=helen]No one compares to Rob Pattinson. Suck that Summit.[/quote] Omg i just busted a gasket lmao
  • [quote=Stanka Saskyova] ooooh you are so clever !! omg nobody cares what you think and I'm sure somebody did her make up. She didn't do it on her own ![/quote] I completely forgot about that thanks. And was just saying I thought that she would look a lot nicer without all that mascara is all I'm saying. And if no one cares why are you commenting?