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  • cute song....she is cute...dont blame her..she is just young.....she will make her way and her style....
  • [quote=Kopns]She isn't the best singer, so of course she doesn't sound like Beyonce. Miley is the type who sounds better on cd than she ever could performing live. Anyhow, I think the changes she made to the song were fresh. She openly admits to never listening to a Jay-Z song, so it's good that she changed it. I enjoyed the little Michael bit because it was fun and unexpected. As far as her clothing and dance moves go, she IS 17 now. Disney won't let go of her because she is a cash cow, which is their problem, not hers. She's young and stupid, and hopefully as she grows older she'll learn to respect herself and her body. For now, let her run wild. It's the only way she'll learn. FYI, 17 is legal is some states. According to where I live, she is old enough to be tried as an adult in many cases. She's not 14 anymore, people.[/quote] you are absolutely right....she is not beyonce oh whitney or even rihanna...she has to train her voice and u can exactly see that she cant sing that song live...and many people who just adore miley are totally blinded...if u understand what i wanna say
  • omg her voice is awful when she sings live...ok she is to young to sing and dance at same time...no? her voice is awful here YES
  • he could be more...creative...i mean..camera?!...i dont need that if im a celebrity who has milions and milions $ ...
  • omg..thats not hot at all...have you seen him shirtless.....real dissapointment...i mean why taylor had to go to gym to even have a part in new moon and rob didnt...i mean he is so white and hairy...awful..he is pale even without makeup...eeww