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  • Surprising as hot as everyone thought he was in the creek, he is much hotter now! :)
  • She is only famous because sites like this continue to make her relevant. She CHOSE to go through having those 8 kids and since then all I have seen is her fame whoring and bitching about what a hard life she has... BOO freaking HOO!
  • [quote=Mohammed]wao they look smashing her guy must surely be in cloud 7 anytime he snuggles by her side[/quote] That would be true if she let anyone close enough to snuggle. (http://thesuperficial.com/2010/04/heidi_montag_cant_jog_anymore.php) She is a delicate fragile being now. Hugging hurts. (BWAHAHAHA! That girl deserves to reap the "rewards" of her stupidity.)
  • WOW! Celebuzz, for people who are so hip to current times, way to walk into 2010 clueless! This IS DJ LANCE ROCK! You need to recognize, he is an icon to children EVERYWHERE!
  • [quote=guest]She's always reminded me of a bobble head doll[/quote] Right? Sometimes she reminds me of a PEZ dispenser.
  • I love that some guys are so insecure & jealous because the fat kid ended up HOT! Its almost adorable.
  • If you follow anything Kevin Smith you know the movie is titled "A Couple of Dicks" (based on a book).
  • ok so what a 16yr old has boobs! I think Disney has done a great job of hiding that fact but what exactly is the problem here? If were anyone but Miley Cyrus it would be just another chick running with a guy... but because its HER it has become a national emergency! Get over it people! She is just a girl who has a life outside of hannah montana... oh no! Someone call the police!
  • Angelina is beautiful, I have never seen her looking unattractive. While I will admit I feel a tinge of jealousy at the amount of beauty nature bestowed upon her, she can't help what she has and I sure as hell would flaunt it. The thing is.... I don't honestly think she realizes she incredibly gorgeous she is.
  • I actually remember a time when I thought Lindsay was a cute talented actress.... *sigh* I even thought she was cute in Mean Girls, and that's when it all went down hill. Curvaceous, red head Lindsay was hot. I'm not liking blonde lesbian Skeletor Lindsay a lot these days. By the time she actually gets her act together it will be way too late for her career. She, unfortunately, just has a lot of growing up to do. When will they learn?