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  • GABRIELLE CHUNG - WOWOWOW what an awesome reporter you are! You think posting a picture of a bottle of wine & her drinking from a wine glass PROVES anything? Hang on...let me show you a picture of me standing next to Elvis & Michael Jackson to PROVE to you that they are both still alive. YOU are an idiot. This was my first time to this website and will be my last!
  • We ALL know Bey isn't "really" pregnant. She's never been "really" pregnant. Hello folding stomach on talk show. Yes, i saw pics and the video.
  • Kris Jenner probably started the engagement rumor trying to pressure Kanye. North West, especially for a GIRL is stupid. Calling her "Nori" is equally stupid! If you want to "call" your baby something....then name them that name! Not sure if Kim & Kanye are aware but "Nori" is SEAWEED. "Kash" or "Ka$h" would have been a good name for their baby.