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  • So what happened to the other puppy he bought from this place?? As an animal.rescuer I would NEVER adopt to this punk - not even a goldfish. I wonder how long t will take for Justin Boober to lose interest and the poor puppy is tossed aside.
  • Yeah, Jennifer Lawrence does her own photo retouching. JR is an old, dried-up hag who's had so much plastic surgery her face looks like the top of a drum with eyes, nose and lips painted on. She makes a 'living' bashing people's looks because she can't do anything else. And if she wants to talk about growing up she should take a look at home at her dear, ugly, horse-toothed daughter, Melissa, who's still attached to the umbilical cord.
  • What is even more disturbing is the author's inability to distinguish between bare and bear.