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  • While I'm no fan of Bethany, I thought she gave Farrah some good advice. Bethany is a very successful businesswoman while Farrah only imagines she's one. But of course instead of listening & learning from someone older & wiser, Farrah get's all riled up & goes off & throws one of her temper tantrums because things didn't go the way she thought they should. And Farrah really thinks she might be running a big company 5 years from now?? Oh please.....She's completely out in space!
  • How could you possibly think this looks GOOD?? I saw a pic of her yesterday from 2010 & I was shocked at how different she really does look! She was so much prettier back then. She also looks so much older. What makes a pretty YOUNG girl so insecure & dissatisfied with their looks that they would spend so much time & money changing themselves on the outside? We used to think this sort of thing was reserved for older women trying to look young, not young women just trying to look different. Changing noses, chins, lips....& they never seem satisfied. There's something wrong on the inside with this girl. Plastic surgery will never fix that. Problem is, by the time she realizes that, she's gonna look like a freak. She's well on her way!
  • Ok as far as her 1st paragraph....I think I can interpret that. She says that her appearances are no longer fun so she's about ready to stop doing them. What that REALLY means, I think, is that Vivvid is about through with HER. She's promoted her porn tape enough, so they are not going to pay her for any more appearances. As for the 2nd paragraph....I just got a headache trying to make ANY sense of that. WTH is she trying to say?? All I know is this...if what is going on in that oversized head of hers is as jumbled up as what comes out of her oversized lips, can you only image what it would look like if you cut the top of her head open & looked in there?? Complete chaos. She should donate her pea brain to science. Maybe they could figure it out.
  • Hey Daddy Abraham, what do ya have to say about this? I'm anxious to hear your explanation, or excuse, & who's to blame. Waiting to hear from ya....