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  • OK, so there were enough hints in the final season to conclude that Dan was Gossip Girl, so this wasn't a huge surprise. So no, I didn't really tune in for the suspense, but more just because of how much time i've invested in the show over the years, and I had to watch the end. The series highlights montage was nice, Oh and since this series has always had really strong music, I thought it was fitting that they had two great standout uses of music in this episode...first, I loved the hilarious 1960's Batman-esque campy music that played during Bart's death scene. I literally couldn't stop laughing at it. Then, I also thought it was great that they had a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's classic "Bonnie & Clyde" sung in English by Great Northern. I've always loved that song and it's many various covers, but this is the first English one I've heard and I love it.
  • I really like Ezra so I hope it works out with Laurel as an assistant. Ezra's been through some tough times and is a good person, like in this episode when he gives what turns out to be a very expensive vintage camera to Aria. (Also loved the song that played during that scene, "Restless Dream" By Jack's Mannequin). Anyway, I hope Ezra's career settles down and it then allows him to have a happier personal life, too
  • can't wait to see this movie over the weekend...been loving all the previews, especially the trailer that features "Americano" by Lady Gaga - what a perfect song for that character! (you can watch it at