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  • the world lied. they said selna and demi were prsenting TOGERTHER!ARE THEY IN SOME SORT OF FIGHT? i NEED answerz plz
  • [quote=sdfsgfg]How much sparkle can you wear ?![/quote] BUDDY SHE A DISNEY STAR. they all think there little pixies and think they all think it some pagent at the WONDERFUL disneyland.
  • [quote=Ann White] Taylor Swift totally deserved the awards that she won because she writes all her songs, she has a great voice with a great stage presance and is involved in what goes on all of her videos. As a 19 year old girl she is amazingly talented and has worked her ass off to get where she is. She not like Britney Spears who got famous from being half naked, Taylor used pure talent and good sense.Sorry if you don't like country, but I like all genres of music and I think Taylor Swift ROCKS!!!!!!!![/quote] iT Ok i canda reacted soo badly cuz i was really wanting the other artists to win. But the thing that annoying me the most is the " OMYGOSH I SOO SWEET" thing. I luv her, but that kind of making me Gag.Sorry.
  • Nice Purity Ring * whoops* i mean Outfit Selena. Really Trendy
  • LOL i preyed the ENTIRE AMA'S of That Tattoo wasnt real.I REALLY WAS.^^
  • TAYLOR SWIFT DID NOT DESERVE IT, I MEAN COME ON THERE MICHEAL JACKSON AND KINGS OF LEON WERE IN IT WAS WELL!!!!!!! mann, i can i say now is congrats, POP , i mean "country" singer. Well done.
  • i IDOLIZE alessandra. she gorgeous.!
  • FAMEWHORE! ( Hey, what can i say? like brother, like sister)
  • CHANEL IMAN! OMIGOSHH I LOVE HER I CANT BELIEVE SHES A VS ANGEL! i Worship her. im soo watching on December 1!