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  • Throughout the 3 1/2 seasons of TVD I have gone back and forth between being team Delena & team Stelena. Elena works with both of them for one reason or another. As season 3 progressed, the feelings that developed between Elena and Damon was at times sweet and passionate. He brought out the fighter in her, she brings out the humanity in him. Just like her feelings for Stefan, these feelings are real. Damon has always, always gotten the short end of the stick (Elena selfishly leaving him to die alone anyone?), sometimes it was his own fault, but not always. He's the only one who has accepted Elena as a vampire from day one, though we know he hated it, not for himself (like Stefan & Caroline who miss the old Elena) but for Elena, who he had come to realize really wanted her human life. So, here's Damon, wanting only the best for Elena, being realistic, not trying to influence her anymore than usual and I'm thinking, how did I ever think she should be with anyone BUT Damon. So, Stelena breaks up, Elena & Damon don't waste anytime and...SIRE BOND?!!! To quote Caroline, seriously? I've never not loved what the writers have done with this show, but to give us this beautiful, long-awaited scene between Damon and Elena and then diminish it by suggesting it was all due to a sire bond, well, boo! I'm truly furious and disappointed. What a let down.