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  • My favorite shopping companion is my lab mix Harold. Only at pet stores of course, but no one in the world is so happy to browse!
  • CELEBUZZ (twitter) HAS to be twins! Why do you let people who have never seen a pregnant person cover these stories? She looks about 7 months with a singleton. She is not "ready to pop."
  • I'm still in college and some of my awesome classmates put together fun classes for free. Turbo Jam 2 days a week. Zumba and yoga 2 other days. I try to fill in any gaps with time on the elliptical.
  • Chris Colfer at the Golden Globes. His emotion was so genuine and delightful, and despite not having written a speech, he was eloquent and his message was strong, inspirational, and refreshingly succinct. Even his walk up to the stage was gratifying to watch.
  • I got to see it again (!) and I was so impressed with all the little details. When Marcus and Esca are looking out over the highlands and Esca says it's up to Marcus where they should look because the Legion could be anywhere, Marcus pulls out his little wooden eagle and prays for guidance. Esca watches him and looks down guiltily for a second, because he knows where they should look, but he is torn between his loyalty to his people and his loyalty to Marcus. It's great to watch that struggle play out in Esca.
  • It's a little scene, but I love when Marcus and Esca hunt the boar. It's just a lot of fun and shows them becoming friends.