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  • If she really wanted to be rid of Kris Humphries she should just give him the annullment he wants. Every aspect of their relationship just happens to take place in front of the cameras. People magazine even had photos from the proposal, from rose petals spelling out " Will You Marry Me" to Miniature Horses dyed to pastel colors. To tell the truth he was just too stupid to realize that he was being manipulated by Kim and her mother. That over the top wedding also filmed for reality television and 72 days??!! Yeah, she really put a lot of effort into that marriage. She got exactly what she wanted - More and More air-time, exposure, tabloid covers and MONEY !! Now that she is pregnant and Kanye is not easily manipulated - NOW she wants Privacy!!!WHAT A JOKE!!! She should just admit that her entire courtship was a Fraud, and give Kris the Annulment that he asked for.