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  • isaura has the look down completely...if any one should one it's her. the others don't compare.
  • Awe thanks girly! I'm actually latina. I'm half spanish so I think that accounts for some of the mystery behind my look. My mother is actually really fair skinned with dark hair and my father actually looks of Arabian descent...but he's not. Ur beautiful too hunnie...thanks again and gl. I thought Kimmy was suppose to announce her finalists today?
  • Hmmm...don't take this wrong...ur beautiful but I don't see a resemblance to kim. I see a mix of jlo and angelina jolie! Either way, its still a comp! Good luck hun!
  • very pretty love! u have her dress!
  • big lips just like kims
  • [quote=timberjohn69]very attractive more like courntey tho GL[/quote] kourtney...u think? i never got that before but either way thanks for the comp!
  • [quote=nicunurse]pretty smile[/quote] thank you sweetie! i appreciate the comp
  • [quote=brittanyjessica]I think you look alot like her other sister[/quote] well thanks...i never have been told that i like kourtney...but it's still a comp so thank u! gl
  • Awe thanks for the comp hunny! Ur gorgeous urself!Ur features remind me a lot of Kourtney of luck to you sweetie!
  • Oh thank u babe! Ur beautiful as well! Best of luck darlin