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  • So nice! She is certifiably HOT! Absolutely one of The VERY Best Bikini Bods anywhere! Wish I was there!
  • Honestly?? I don't think ANY of THEM would be in my Top-10 Best Dressed for 2013! I think that list is from 10 yrs. ago! My Top-3 would be: Lily Collins, Nina Dobrev & Vanessa Hudgens. And for sure I would pick Edie Campbell & Cara Delevingne
  • Been a VF subscriber for nigh on 20 yrs now, but it's lost its cred in my eyes. And I may not renew next time.__Why? Too much emphasis on sex, murder & financial scandals, and not near enough on the REAL scandals most of us are suffering from (such as banking & big-agra subsidies, malicious treatment of the poor, destruction of the middle class, how Silicon Vallley tech disruptors are killing the economy, and how AynRand-libertarianism & Reganomics - the ideologies dominating this nation's thought, politics & economics for 30+ years - have corrupted America & ruined our society).__Instead of vilifying greedy billionaires and selfish, self-serving venture / vulture capitalists, banksters, techsters and media & entertainment moguls VF adores them, idolizes them, and flatters them each year with its New Establishment Power List.__And somewhere in the last couple years, VF gave up on real investigative and adversarial journalism. Sad, because we REALLY need that kind of reporting now.
  • I'm guessing this conversation took place, ohhh, about 4 or 5 months ago, before Orphan Black hit the airwaves?__Tatiana Maslany beats 'em all!! And it looks like you all fell victim to the age-old bias against sci-fi. Nobody - and I mean noone! - did a better job of acting this past season than Tatiana.__I could tell you that her playing seven different clones was the most amazing & impressive performance(s) I've ever seen, but you'll just have to see for yourself. And I sincerely hope you do/did so before voting, else you've just - or will soon lose - all credibility!