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  • [quote=kkblumush] noah said: To Chris Brown's defense, she did throw his keys out the window. If my girlfriend ever did that to me I'd take away her eye contact privileges.That would really teach her whose boss![/quote] Any man who hits a woman for any reason is not a man but a coward.
  • He should be ashamed of himself, encouraging Rihanna to go back to a woman beater.
  • [quote=sbaran] mcr86 said: First of all, I don't look at this picture as proof of anything. It totally doesn't even look like him. Secondly, everyone needs to get off their high horse (no pun intended) and realize that there are way more people in this world who smoke pot than who don't. It's not a terrible thing and it doesn't ruin lives. If you think pot ruins lives, you're a moron. If there were (clear) pictures of him doing lines of cocaine or shooting up heroin, it'd be a different story. And if this is him, good for him! He's living proof that pot doesn't necessarily make you lazy, stupid or fat. He works hard and practices CONSTANTLY! I think you'd be hard pressed to find very many people in this country who work as hard as he does, even the ones who don't engage in marijuana use.Well said!![/quote] Agreed!! People are idiots for even thinking this should be news.
  • Oh my god! She's obese!! How does she fit through the door?
  • Is that suppose to be fat?
  • That IS an ugly outfit but she is hardly fat
  • She's fat? Where? What is she a size 6? People are retarded.