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  • she killed that lady with kindness, she didnt press charges for what she did. So really who feels stupid in this situation.....this is what happens when you try to be billy bad ass in a crowd and you turn out to be the idiot....(flour bomb lady u got served ) pendeja!
  • Seriosly, what did she do to u to make you hate her so much....answer that w/out a "Because".. People hate her for making a sex tape w/ one of the biggest wanna be HIP HOP artist (GAY J oh sorry Ray J ) be mad at him for wearing tube socks while make a it isnt ur money that she is making a living off of then why hate. she is human and we are no one to judge her. So hate or be hated, u and everyone else w/ all the negative comments arent making her lose any sleep at night, you all are the ones getting ur selves worked up over her success...