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  • I Hope Kim Kardashian Stay's Married Forever I Wonder If Kourtney Gonna Have Another Baby Before Kim.... Can't Wait To See The Wedding On E. M@UH!!!
  • You Really Just Wrote A Whole Fucking Chapter About Her Seems Like Somebody Sucking Her Tit's Hard GET A LIFE STALKER
  • The Thing About This Is Idk Why Teresa's Family Like To Talk About Teresa Personal Business And Bash Her But When Teresa Talks About Them They Have A Fucking Heart Attack " Like No She Didn't We Suppose To Be Family FUCK TERESA. " As They Say But Like Juicy Joe Said Joe And Melissa Should Have Went To Kathy's House First. That Was Sad To See Antonia And The Other Kids Crying They Could Have Stayed But Melissa Wanted To Go Let Her Hair Down And Have A Drink. Teresa I Understand 100% You Try And Try To Work Things Out But Some Thing's Ain't Meant To Work Out Since Ppl Want To Hold Grudges Thinking Everythings Peaches & Cream. Never Thought In A Million Years That Family Will Become Enemies But It Is What It Is MU@H!!! Luv You Tre :)