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  • Kareesha get ur facts straight! Whitney was on drugs before Bobby came in the picture....I LOVE Whitney and hope she is Resting in Peace, but don't put this on Bobby.
  • Come on @Kareesha, killed her and her career. First off we ALL LOVE Whitney, and may she TRULY RIP, but if ur going to slam Bobby, do it cuz it deserves it! If u did ur research, you would know that Whitney was on drugs before she even got with Bobby and he just has a bad boy image so he was blamed for it!! I was blind to this @ first as well becuz of my love for her, but I was given material on her lifestyle and things she admitted. And since when does family need invites to a funeral. They were companions for damn near 15 years. Let him bring who he wants and let them whack so-called celebs that didn't even know her stand up or move! Funerals, weddings and such are family first.....