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  • love the costume kim! <3 HARLEY
  • This is so exciting, so many ideas and styles!
  • [img] on 2011-10-04 at 19.37-340_230.jpg[/img] So this is my design for the contest. Like the Kardashians Girls and many girls all over the world, love animal print. So I decided to design the Tshirt based upon that, as well as the famous "kiss" pose we girls love to do in pictures. I created something that is relatable; with kisses that resembles leopard spots. Starting at the shoulders, coming across the bosom and curving back down to waist hip area, following some prints in the back side. With leopard lip prints running from shoulder to wrist as part of the lining to the arms of the shirt. The base color of the shirt can change from black, white, to brown etc. As well as the lips prints, alternating for more options. I left out the Logo, to represent a one of a kind design OR the sisters can decided where to put it, but I think if sold by the Kollection, the tag of the shirt will be enough. It stands out and gives edgy, fun, and sensational.